5 Reasons to Choose a Ruby Engagement Ring

6x8mm Lab-treated Ruby ring with diamond in 14k rose gold

If there is any gemstone that has stretched the length of time and has continued to be in fashion, it is Ruby! It is increasing in popularity again and many people are choosing it for engagement rings over diamonds.

Trends are usually led by celebrity choices and the ruby has been a favorite of A-listers for years. When Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg proposed to his wife, he did it with a 5 carat  ruby engagement ring, so it is clear ruby are making a major comeback.

Non-diamond engagement rings are becoming a unique choice for intending couples. Ruby is a great choice, especially for those that like their red color. Here are some reasons why ruby makes the perfect engagement ring.

1.A Ruby Comes In Only One Color

When it comes to gemstones with signature colors, ruby is the standout. Most gemstones come in several colors or hues but ruby has one - Red! In fact, ruby is a word synonymous with red and are even used interchangeably in some instances. Little wonder ruby is from the Latin word ‘ruber’ which means red. Ruby is actually a red sapphire, but is considered a stone in its right and not called a red sapphire. Its brilliant red hue sets it apart from other sapphires and is regarded as the most precious of all colored gemstones.

2.It’s a Durable Stone

Durability should be among your top deciding factors when considering what determines your choice of a gem for engagement ring. If what you want is a piece of jewelry that will be worn almost always and can last for a lifetime, taking all the knocks and scratches from daily living, then a ruby is just perfect.

Like all sapphires, rubies are extremely durable stones and rank just behind diamond (the strongest mineral on earth) on the Mohs Scale. They contain no cleavage, so will hardly chip, crack or break. They are very resistant to high temperatures. With these in mind, you can be sure your ruby will last a very long time with minimal care and maintenance.

3. A Ruby Is a Good Investment

A gem of such qualities will hardly come cheap. In the group of colored gemstones, rubies are the most expensive and are as valuable as they are sought after. In fact, the world’s most expensive colored gemstone was a Ruby purchased for $30 million in 2015. The larger a ruby stone is, the more expensive it becomes. Smaller stones are much more affordable and are great as accent stones or in cluster setting. The most determining factors of a ruby’s price are actually the color and place of origin. Because of the inclusions found in rubies, clarity is not as crucial as color when determining value. Rubies are considered an excellent investment because unlike some other gemstones, rubies never depreciate in value and with increasing demand is increase in price. However bear in mind that a lab-created ruby cannot have as much value as a natural mined stone.

4. A Rare And Precious Gemstone

Colorless diamonds are generally seen to be rare, but in reality, they are a hoarded commodity with the intention of creating false scarcity and keeping prices up. Naturally, colorless diamonds are plenty and almost always beneath our feet.

Compared to colorless diamonds, natural high quality rubies are actually rarer and can be even more valuable. In fact, such rubies are among the rarest of colored gemstones. The formation of rubies requires an exact precision on nature’s part to get the right amount of impurities to the corundum. This is not a common occurrence, but when it occurs, its an accident to be happy about.

5. The Symbolism Of Ruby

Red color has always been associated with deep passion and love. Think about it, hearts are red, roses are red. Valentines day, a day for celebrating love has red as its theme color. Ruby’s redness has made the stone connected to passion and love since the beginning.

Ruby has a special place in history and has been revered by all - kings, queens and clergy. Rubies were worn in ancient time as a symbol of love, success, prosperity and good health. Today, rubies are still highly celebrated and sought after. What other gemstone can represent undying love than a ruby engagement ring?

Nov 21st 2018


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