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Engagement moonstone rings or wedding rings. What's the difference?

May 31st 2021

Engagement moonstone rings or wedding rings. What's the difference?

The moonstone rings are a theme that generates many doubts and I will explain why.

There are several ways to plan the engagement and consequently the purchase of the rings. Therefore, in today's post we will clarify all doubts on this subject, so that you are sure (a) of the purchase you will make.

Engagement ring or wedding rings. What's the difference?

So here we go ... moonstone rings are the one that represents the marriage proposal, that is, the applicant buys the ring (without the future bride knowing) and makes the marriage proposal, giving her that ring as a "gift and commitment”. In this case the engagement ring is common only by the bride, throughout the engagement, until the wedding day.

Wedding rings, on the other hand, are used by both the bride and groom to signal the moment of the wedding.

In which hand are the moonstone rings used?

It depends. There are variations.

How will I know my bride's engagement ring size?

This is the little question that is worth gold (literally) heheheh

It is very simple to find out the size, just measure the inside of a ring that your bride wears on the ring finger. The ideal is to do this operation in confidence, but we know that in some cases this is very difficult.

Even so, we have some alternatives for you:

1 - Ask for help to a friend or family member who is VERY trustworthy, so she doesn't suspect anything. That way you can come up with a plan without her being suspicious.

For example, I already participated in a mega operation to find out the size of my friend's engagement ring. I gathered several friends with the excuse that I would make a post here on the Blog about alliances. Just before entering the jewelry store, I told the salesperson the story and she was showing me the rings.

What is the best method to measure moonstone rings size?

Intentionally, I went with my nails to do, and was asking the “future bride” to try the rings so I could take the pictures, since she had her cute nails… And so we were all taking her in the conversation until we found out what was the perfect measure for the bride's ring.

After my friend proposed, we told her that the visit to the jewelry store was a hell of a hoax, and believe me, she didn't even suspect it.

Conclusion: Friends together, can be great allies of the groom.

2 - Give the excuse of the dating ring. You can wake up on any given day and decide that "you need to reinforce this commitment to dating" through moonstone rings (or any material). So you can go to a store together to try on alliance rings without realizing your real intention.

3 - As a last resort, speak the truth.

I particularly think that this solution is boring, because there is nothing more beautiful in life than being asked to marry, by surprise. It is wonderful!!!

However, I found it worthwhile to list this alternative here because in many cases the bride knows that she will be asked to marry, she just doesn't know when.

I've seen it happen with close friends and I think that this way, the bride can still live with anticipation for this big day, so we gave credit to this idea too ;)

Measures guide for wedding ring and moonstone rings ring

When is the best time to propose to the bride?

First of all, it is important to emphasize that the request must come at a time that both signal the desire to be together. If that is clear, then you can go ahead with the plan without fear of being happy

The tip is to choose a date that has some special meaning, such as anniversary, date of first kiss, Valentine's Day. But that is not a rule; there is no bad day to propose to someone, as long as the couple's vibe is good.

Moonstone rings is a Symbol of Proposal

I strongly recommend that use moonstone ringsfor proposal, celebrating the news with the family in a second moment.

But we well know that some grooms prefer to make the proposal of marriage in a commemorative date (like Christmas, for example) with the whole family gathered.

Is there anything wrong with that? No! But before planning a party full of guests, it is important to put yourself in the bride's shoes. More quiet and shy brides can be somewhat paralyzed by this degree of surprise and exposure.

How to choose the engagement ring?

The engagement ring, or solitaire ring, is the main object of desire when it comes to engagement. An interesting way to find the dream engagement ring is through the Internet, which allows you to compare different proposals in a short time.

The moonstone rings choice will depend a lot on the style of the bride (even if the groom chooses to surprise her, it is interesting that he knows her tastes before deciding on the ring).

To help, we've selected five specific details to pay attention to when choosing:

1. With or without halo?

The halo is that circle of smaller diamonds that surround the central diamond. When present, it gives the impression that the central diamond is larger than its original size. In addition, it gives the ring a shine of many spectra, adding even more light to the center stone.

2. Smooth or studded bezel?

The smooth bezel brings a cleaner look, leaving the central diamond free to shine on its own. The studded rim creates a cumulative effect, generating multiple foci of light.

3. Delicate or robust?

Narrow hoops, in addition to enhancing the diamond, generate delicacy and lightness, while robust hoops expand the presence of the ring.

White, Yellow or Rosé?The colors of moonstone rings usually reflect the personality of the bride very well. Although not a rule, white gold gives modernity to the solitaire, being able to generate luminosity for the jewel. Rosé gold is characterized by being a more romantic color, while yellow gold carries a classic look.