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5 Reasons to buy morganite rose gold engagement ring for your Wedding?

May 31st 2021

5 Reasons to buy morganite rose gold engagement ring for your Wedding?

Morganite rose gold engagement ring, commitment, wedding rings…. When we meet a special person and our relationship gains strength, symbols to reaffirm this bond are used. The use of an engagement and wedding ring, as you can see, has many meanings!

Some couples wear necklaces, others tattoos, but the main accessory used to formalize is the engagement ring. That is why we have separated some essential tips below on how to use each of these pieces according to the stage of your relationship.

Engagement ring: dating phase.

Usually, couples wear engagement rings at this stage. The material used is not so important, but if the two use the same piece, yes.

In addition, it is generally used on the right hand. Do you want to see all the models of wedding rings available on our website? Click here and choose your ideal match.

Morganite rose gold engagement ring with stones set next to a hand with red-painted nails

Morganite rose gold engagement ring: marriage proposal!

The courtship is established and now the couple has a vision of life together. The time has come to ask that person to marry him. For this you have two options: the engagement ring or wedding rings.

In this step, the couple usually bet on materials plated in 18k gold or precious stones or semi in the case of the engagement ring that is worn by the woman.

You can find some solitary rings are used as engagement rings, like this beautiful model of solitary royalty with zirconias perfect for an impeccable engagement request.

Ah, it is worth remembering that only the wedding rings are used in the right hand. If the bride opts for the solitaire, the use is on the left hand during the engagement period.

Do you want to see all the models of solitaire engagement rings come to fall in love, we have a recent collection of Eternal Love for you to calmly choose the ideal engagement ring.

Golden ring with stone on top beside hand with the same ring and nails painted in red


And the big moment came with commitment. Now the Morganite rose gold engagement ring is worn on the right hand, after the ceremony is over, and the couple wear it together. We have some models of alliances with numbers from 12 to 30. It is worth taking a look.

Ah, to get more charm the woman can invest in the wedding dresser or keep the solitaire next to the wedding ring on the right finger.

Sideboards Morganite rose gold engagement ring

It is worth remembering that there are options for the wedding dresser for the bride and groom on duty. The function of the sideboard is to guarantee the safety of your wedding ring, in addition to trim and enhance the ring symbol of love. There are many options on the site!

Hand with golden ring and red nails next to three engagement and wedding rings in black, silver and gold.

How to find a good morganite rose gold engagement ring?

This post was to help you discover which engagement ring is the most suitable for your current moment with your loved one. And if you want to see more options of rings, dressers and solitaires, check here and choose the ideal one.

Love got too big to fit in your chest and you decided to put some of it on your finger. So, the relationship became serious with a commitment alliance and now he is about to become very serious. You and your love have matured together, met, completed and overflowed. And they want all that and more for the rest of their lives.

Is that your case? Then came the magic moment to ENGAGE!

Tradition is tradition

There is only one detail. In order to live this moment according to the costumes, you need to have the perfect jewel in hand that represents this wonderful commitment. And that is where that cruel question comes in: what to buy?

Engagement ring

The culture of the Morganite rose gold engagement ring is more common abroad and is still not as widespread among Brazilian couples. However, it is a beautiful way to express your feelings and make the request even more compelling.

The engagement jewelry is usually a solitaire ring with a very shiny stone, which the woman wears on her left hand after saying the expected "yes". This jewel is the symbol that we see most in cinema requests, and we covet it in the hands of the famous people who are walking towards the altar.

What if I prefer an engagement ring?

We have a precious tip for you. The engagement rings are the same that the couple will wear after the wedding - so choose this jewel with great care and give preference to gold models.

As soon as the order is placed, you place the Morganite rose gold engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand. And on the wedding day, the jewelry goes to the left hand, also on the ring finger.

What if I don't want to choose between an engagement ring or ring?

You can always choose both!

In this case, after ordering, the engagement ring goes to the bride's left hand and the two must wear the wedding ring on their right hand. On the wedding day, the bride passes the engagement ring to her right hand and keeps her left ring finger free to receive the wedding ring and become a wife.

Now just choose the jewel that best matches your love and prepare for the "yes".

With the arrival of the most romantic date of the year, Valentine's Day, many couples who do not yet have a wedding ring, choose to choose it at that moment. After all, this is the perfect jewel to symbolize this relationship so full of love.

However, most of the time there remains the doubt of which model to choose. There are several beautiful Morganite rose gold engagement ring options. So, to help you, we have separated some styles of couples with ideas of alliances that will facilitate your choice!