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Top 10 Amethyst Engagement Rings That Are Perfect for a Spring Wedding In 2019

Posted by BBBGEM on Mar 20th 2019

Top 10 Amethyst Engagement Rings That Are Perfect for a Spring Wedding In 2019

Purple Amethyst engagement ring-Solid 14k rose gold-diamond ring-Floral Halo Curved stacking band-6.5mm Round cut gemstone promise ring

Is your birthday in the month of February? Then you must probably know that your birthstone is amethyst. This purple gemstone displays the elegance of royalty in every way.

Throughout the ages, many kings and queens have had this gem among their personal items. Purple is commonly associated with royalty and is the choice for any king or queen as they use it often on a crown or scepter. One such notable personality is Catherine the Great of Russia who had a special liking for this stone. All her jewelries and ornaments had a touch of this stone to it.

Amethyst is one of the more affordable gemstones and ranks as a beautiful staple for the royal necklace or a great accent to a diamond engagement ring. However you use the birthstone in jewelry, it is a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

Get to Know the Amethyst Birthstone Better

Amethyst is the purple variety of the quartz material. Its color spectrum ranges from dark plum color to a hint of lavender which is a lavish color from the iron remnants in the crystalline structure during the process of formation.

The dark purple natural stones are the most sought after stones and many of the natural stones contain “color zoning”- the attribute of having shades of color within a gem. Heat treatment of the stone can produce a lighter hue of dark colored amethyst which gives a more enticing appearance.

Amethyst is found in many regions around the world which include Brazil, Zambia and the United States, precisely in Arizona. Geographically speaking, the stone is very prevalent. It can form in most places typically area with mountains or craters

Why is Amethyst the February birthstone?

There is actually no evidence that points to when a certain stone is a birthstone for a certain month. What is known is that in 1912, the Jewelers Association of America adopted an official list which has been in use till this day. Different theories abound that this association must have been derived from the Bible or even from the zodiac. However, certain aspects of amethyst’s history may tell why it is the birthstone for February.

The name “Amethyst” is Greek and means “not drunken” and is believed to stem from ancient Greek beliefs that it wards off alcoholic effects. Furthermore, Bacchus, the ancient Roman god of wine was very much associated with this birthstone. Even regarded as his living symbolism on Earth.

The month of February is usually when wine is bottled and ready for consumption so it is possible the deep purple color of wine may be the reason why the stone was picked.

There is no proof to back this up however, but one thing you can be sure of is true is that amethyst makes a great addition to a bracelet, necklace or ring. The stone is one of the most beautiful and unique stone there is. It is just as beautiful and unique as those who celebrate their birthdays in February.

Here, check out our favorites in a range of cut and settings. At the very least, we recommend treating yourself to one for the good vibes.

Amethyst engagement ring-Solid 14k white gold-handmade diamond ring-Plain Gold stacking band-8x8mm Cushion gemstone promise ring birthstone

                                      Solitaire Amethyst Rings

A solitaire amethyst ring has already been elegant and bold. Large amethyst gemstones are relatively affordable. Buyers can pick massive gemstones for stately solitaires without big budget. We like massive amethyst center gemstones for engagement rings. If you want to forego any side diamonds or gem details, set a sizable amethyst center stone inside a vintage-inspired etched band. Or go for sleek and trendy having a simple polished setting to permit the magnificence from the stone to shine.

8x10mm Amethyst engagement ring-14K white gold bridal set-ral Diamond ring-Split shank diamond promise ring for her-art deco unique ring

                               Amethyst Double Halo Engagement Ring

Halo designs for engagement rings are more popular to highlight a center gemstone. However, not every halos are built the same. For an amethyst ring with an angular cut (Such as Emerald or Asscher), a square diamond halo can make those diamonds pop! If you need a softer round or oval cut center amethyst,Adding bigger accent diamonds within the halo can bring any bold look, or go subtle having a delicate drop halo (as featured within this hidden halo diamond engagement ring) below your amethyst jewel. For any more classic look, make it simple having a halo of petite round diamonds. This style emits a vintage, even cameo-like design.

Cushion Amethyst Engagement Ring Solid 14K Rose Gold Halo Diamond Ring Art Deco Antique Promise Ring For Her

                              Amethyst Cushion Engagement Ring

                                     Split Shank Round Amethyst ring

Heart Cut Engagement Ring Amethyst Ring, Heart Amethyst Split Shank Ring,Halo Engagement Ring,Split Band Engagement Ring,Love Ring

                                Split Shank Heart Cut Amethyst ring

Amethyst Ring Set 6x9mm Pear Amethyst Engagement Ring Art Deco Pink CZ Wedding Band Unique Wedding Ring Set Rose Gold Plated Bridal Set

                               Pear Shaped Three Stone Amethyst ring

Green Amethyst Ring Natural Amethyst Engagement Ring 7mm Round Cut Birthstone Floral Vintage Moissanite Wedding Band Solid 14k Rose Gold

                                  Green Amethyst Ring

Amethyst Engagement Ring Amethyst Wedding Band Diamond White Gold Band Gift For Her Promise Women Anniversary February Birthstone 2pcs

                                Round Amethyst Engagement Ring Set

Amethyst ring,natural amethyst wedding band,14k rose gold amethyst ring,half eternity ring,stacking matching band,anniversary ring,thin band

                                    Pave set amethyst wedding band

Amethyst engagement rings and wedding bands are both regal and versatile. With beautiful color and low costs, amethyst is a perfect option for big gemstones or cost-effective accents.