Popular Styles of Engagement Rings In BBBGEM

Jun 5th 2018

The style of your ring is one of the most important parts of buying a moissanite engagement ring. Your precious diamond ring is an expression of your personal or your partner's style. Classic, mode … read more

How To Custom An Engagement Ring Online

May 21st 2018

Browse the internet using search terms such as ‘CAD engagement rings’ or ‘designing your own engagement rings’ to find those online jewelers who can offer a design your own ring service. If possi … read more

Engagemenr ring VS wedding ring

May 18th 2018

Morganite Engagement Ring VS Wedding Ring Most people think there is no difference between engagement ring and wedding ring, but the truth is they are varied in design, meaning and price. … read more

Our Promotion-Get Silver rings For Free

May 15th 2018

Get Jewelry for FREE To thank all of you for your generous support we’ll be giving away jewelry every month,Give Jewelry for FREE !!! We’ll post giving away winner on our Facebook page at the … read more

BBBGEM- Tips on Caring for Jewelry

Apr 8th 2018

Different gemstones have different hardness and may easily scratch or knock one another if stored together. Keep your rose gold moissanite engagement rings in soft-lined compartments and make certain … read more

Factors to Note about Specific Gemstones

Mar 9th 2018

AMETHYST:  Amethyst is definitely an very durable stone which will withstand normal cleaning. Excessive light or direct heat may fade or weaken the gemstone's color. AQUAMARINE: Don't us … read more

BBBGEM-How To Caring For Diamonds and Gemstone Engagement Ring

Posted by BBBGEM on Mar 7th 2018

Jewellery might be a lot of our most prized and valuable possessions. We buy morganite ring rose gold expecting it you'll always remember, and hopefully, that it'll be handed lower to generations to c … read more

BBBGEM:Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2018

Posted by BBBGEM on Mar 5th 2018

The genstone engagement ring is symbolic of eternal love. It symbolizes the meeting of two different individuals with the wedding. Probably the most vibrant moments of preparation for any wedding cele … read more