Rose Gold Engagement Rings: The Perfect Choice for Your Proposal

Jan 21st 2019

Rose Gold Morganite Wedding SetEvery woman dreams of the perfect moment in her life when her dream man would get on his knees and propose to her. Though the details of it differs according to every girls preference, one aspect that will always remain present is the engagement ring which that lucky girl receives. It is a symbol of pure love that a man has for a woman that sh … read more

​ Tourmaline is the Silent Hit of Green Engagement Rings in 2019

Posted by BBBGEM on Jan 10th 2019

In recent years, there has been a rise in colored engagement rings that have been become popular with engaged and newly weds. Most of the stones have been around for a very long time and have been used liberally in other jewelry items. Diamond has long held a two-century-long hegemony in the engagement jewelry market which has made it difficult for blue, red or green engag … read more

All About Topaz That You Should Know

Dec 28th 2018

Topaz is a durable and popular gem made of aluminum and fluorine. It’s a gem that has different types of colors but appears in nature as colorless. It’s colors are produced from heat treatment, irradiation, temperature changes and sunlight exposure. Topaz Engagement Ring is a truly valued gem and here is why?Mankind has been fascinated with gems and jewelries for hundr … read more

Moissanite 2018 Trend: The Engagement Ring That Is Driving Brides Crazy

Dec 21st 2018

Marriage comes with following a lot of traditions, and one of the most common one is wearing a diamond engagement ring. Because of their stunning appearance and toughness, diamonds are popular for being the stone of choice to buy when proposing. However, diamonds are also known to be one of the most expensive gems out there, not to mention their impact on society and … read more

What To Know Before Getting Your Unique Emerald Engagement Ring

Dec 13th 2018

Emeralds are arguably the most preferred gems after diamonds for engagement ring jewelry mountings. These piece of rare green gems exude elegance, class and style. It’s no surprise that these rare gems come next to diamond as favorites for ring gem mounting for engagement rings, wedding rings and so on.Emerald engagement rings offer so much and getting one not only require … read more