Factors to Note about Specific Gemstones

Mar 9th 2018

AMETHYST: Amethyst is definitely an very durable stone which will withstand normal cleaning. Excessive light or direct heat may fade or weaken the gemstone's color. AQUAMARINE: Don't use a … read more

BBBGEM-How To Caring For Diamonds and Gemstone Engagement Ring

Posted by BBBGEM on Mar 7th 2018

Jewellery might be a lot of our most prized and valuable possessions. We buy morganite ring rose gold expecting it you'll always remember, and hopefully, that it'll be handed lower to generations to c … read more

BBBGEM:Top Engagement Ring Trends For 2018

Posted by BBBGEM on Mar 5th 2018

The genstone engagement ring is symbolic of eternal love. It symbolizes the meeting of two different individuals with the wedding. Probably the most vibrant moments of preparation for any wedding cele … read more

Buying Guides For Turquoise Engagement Ring

Posted by BBBGEM on Jan 9th 2018

Buying real turquoise engagement ring isn't an easy task because the markets nowadays are full of imitations. Unless of course you realize the traits featuring of the gem, it's not better to buy an … read more

Marry Her With a Beautiful Emerald Engagement Ring

Posted by bbbgem on Nov 9th 2017

Emerald engagement rings have long been connected to luxury, elegance and wealth. In similar fashion to ruby or sapphire baubles, these rings are usually sought out not by the diamond-loving crowd, bu … read more