7 Hottest Styles of Unique Engagement Rings for 2017

Posted by bbbgem on Oct 13th 2017

If you're dreaming about obtaining the most original of gemstone rings available off-the-shelf for the special day, that is most likely coming, this publish can typically be of some assistance. There … read more

Make Your Own Engagement Ring

Posted by BBBGEM on Sep 22nd 2017

Making your own engagement ring, in other words is custom and design your unique engagement rings. you can customize many of hand-crafted wedding rings and engagement rings with color gemstones, … read more

What is moissanite

Posted by BBBGEM on Sep 19th 2017

What is moissanite? Here are some information from BBBGEM. Moissanite was found in 19th century by Doctor Henri Moissan in meteor crater in Arizona. It was also called “carborundum”. Most of t … read more

Why You Should Choose a Rose Gold Morganite Engagement Rings?

Posted by bbbgem on Sep 13th 2017

What is Morganite ? Medium medium to light pink, clean gemstones with custom cuts will be the best. Very light and incorporated gemstones are saved to the reduced finish in the value spectrum.&nb … read more

BBBGEM:Giving a Promise Ring For Her To Marry

Posted by bbbgem on Sep 4th 2017

A gem promise ring is provided to some person's spouse for many reasons. It is usually a pre-engagement of sorts, designed to demonstrate that the bond is extremely serious which is headed towards m … read more
September birthstone jewelry- sapphire

September birthstone jewelry- sapphire

Posted by BBBGEM on Aug 30th 2017

The September birthstone jewelry belongs to Sapphire, the birthstone of September. It is most desired in its pure, rich blue color.It also presents in almost every color including pink, yellow a … read more

Emerald Cut Engagement rings are popular

Posted by popRing on Aug 25th 2017

On the way of LOVE, whether to consider emerald cut engagement rings to express your love?. Famous stars like Beyoncé Giselle Knowles,Kate Hudson,Kristen Bell who all chose Emerald Cut Eng … read more
January birthstone jewelry - Garnet

January birthstone jewelry - Garnet

Posted by BBBGEM on Aug 25th 2017

Every month is associated with a birthstone, which is an unique gemstone represents a birth month.Today BBBGEM will introduce the January birthstone jewelry - garnet . Garnet is the birthstone of … read more