How to make payment on BBBGEM by paypal

Posted by BBBGEM on Aug 4th 2017

Although BBBGEM has a lot of customers.At present we only accept payment by paypal.Here is a guide on How to make payment on BBBGEM by paypal:1: Choose the fine jewelry you like in our page. 2: S … read more

Design Your Own Rings - Custom made in BBBGEM

Posted by bbbgem on Aug 4th 2017

Custom Design engagement rings under $500 Process: Designing -- CAD -- Rendering -- waxing -- production Designing To start a new design, you will choose some kinds of ring’s styles as you … read more

Buy Pear Shaped Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

Posted by bbbgem on Aug 3rd 2017

pear shaped engagement ring is a great choice for couples who are looking for an alternative cut that will make them to stand out from the more common engagement ring shapes out there.pear-shaped … read more

BBBGEM:How To Buy A Stackable Birthstone Rings Online

Posted by bbbgem on Jul 30th 2017

Stackable birthstone Rings are a great way to celebrate yours or someone you love’s special day- the day of their birth! Or celebrate your wedding day! Stackable birthstone rings will create a moment … read more