2017 Most Popular Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Posted by BBBGEM on Jun 21st 2017

When it comes to engagement rings,colored gemstones make great alternatives. It is a trend that has been around for a while,and the results are unforgettable and beautiful.Here we will tell you whi … read more

Design your own engagement ring - Step by Step

Posted by BBBGEM on Jun 15th 2017

Do you have your own design about a jewel or want to design your own engagement ring? Do you want to make a personalize jewel for your lover or yourself? Just contact with BBBGEM. Our company is … read more

Moissanite vs diamond side by side

Posted by BBBGEM on Jun 5th 2017

This is a reseach from BBBGEM that Comparing moissanite and diamonds side by side from 4 aspects´╝ÜMarket;Comparison the definition;Color, hardness,natural or not, grade and other attributes;Price di … read more

Morganite vs diamond

Posted by BBBGEM on May 26th 2017

This is a research from BBBGEM about morganite vs diamond. This Comparison is in 4 aspects: Market;Comparison of the definition; Color, hardness and other attributes;Price difference. … read more

Engagement rings for women with price

Posted by BBBGEM on May 22nd 2017

Nowadays,more and more different kinds of engagement ring can be sold on the market.Engagement rings for women with price is very sensitive.There are many options available for a gemstone engagemen … read more